Dear Customer,

Please find in this section a few tips to optimize your shoes beauty and durability.
We recommend you to waterproof your pair of Pete Sorensen before wearing them the first time.

The waterproofing process will protect your shoes from moisture but will also work as anti-dirt.

We also recommend to clean them every 15 days with a quality colorless milk (brand saphir, grison, famaco, collonil) to preserve the original color of the leather and let its natural patina evolve.

If you want to revive your shoes patina, apply a shine cream (less opaque than wax cream) a tone approaching, polish and waterproof.

Caring for your pair of Pete Sorensen in smooth leather:

  • dust off your leather shoes with a brush.
  • please have a cloth (or old t-shirt) clean and very sweet.
  • apply using a little milk on the leather cloth by small circular buttons until absorbed and let dry for a few minutes.
  • make shine your shoes with a soft cloth by rubbing vigorously.
  • waterproof shoes outside and then let them dry a few minutes outdoors.

Caring for your pair of Pete Sorensen in greased suede:

  • Spray a suede waterproofing quality colorless (mark sapphire, grison, famaco, collonil) 30cm of the shoe.
  • Let dry half an hour.
  • Caring for your pair of Pete Sorensen patent leather:
  • Apply a suitable oil in a thin layer, let dry and then buff with a chamois sooth textile piece.

Caring for your pair of Pete Sorensen suede:

Dusting your shoes with a soft brush or brush suede crepe special. Spray a suitable colorless deer from a good brand (sapphire, famaco, grison, collonil) 30cm shoe. Let dry half an hour in the open air before returning a brush in the direction of hair growth.

With minor tasks, gently scrub with a woly gum. It’s very effective. If embedded directly on dirts, you can careful apply a stain.

The golden rules

  • use quality products: sapphire, famaco, grison, collonil. These products are easy to find in shoemakers stores or the internet.
  • avoid wearing the same shoes too often for the health of your feet as your shoes.
  • massaging always the leather in a circular motion.
  • waterproof shoes after each cleaning.
  • regular maintenance – every 15 days – would be ideal.
  • keep your shoes if possible put in boxes or shoe trees for better resistance over time.
  • if you’re shoes have taken the rain, make dry with newspaper inside to absorb moisture away from sources of heat and waterproof once dry leather. Make sure not to deform your shoes with a paper ball too large newspaper.